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The focus of the Bear Aware Program is to motivate people to be responsible with bear attractants. Our Mission Statement is to reduce the number of human-bear conflicts in communities through education, innovation and cooperation.

Good stewardship means recognizing our impact on local ecology and making changes in our daily lives that respect, enhance, and conserve our ecosystem. Bears are amongst the most mythologized creatures in nature. Consequently, there is a great deal of information concerning their biology and behaviour lodged within the public consciousness – including incorrect information. Incorrect information, fear, or a lack of respect can all lead to individuals making poor decisions. The Bear Aware Program provides factual information to counter any misinformation about bears and bear behaviour.

The Bear Aware Program stresses public education. We provide the strategies and support that enable people to prevent and cope with human-bear conflicts. In addition, we teach people about bear ecology and behaviour, and how bears figure into local public policy.

Bear Aware Community Coordinators go door to door in neighbours experiencing human-bear conflict offering solutions and information. We deliver education programs to kids, and to many interest groups including seniors, naturalist groups and park programs. You may see Bear Aware talking to people at displays at farmer’s markets and other events.

This approach is an effective and proven, long-term solution for reducing human-bear conflicts. The program relies upon everyone in all neighbourhoods working co-operatively to build more sustainable and safer communities.