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Bear-Resistant Bins

Bear Aware BC officially endorses the following bear-resistant containers, which are available by following the links for each product. Part of the proceeds from sales is donated to Bear Aware.

Due to the cost and constraints associated with shipping, these products are recommended for purchase within Canada only. For a list of approved bins available in the United States, please visit the Living with Wildlife Foundation Product Testing Results web page.

TyeDee Bin

The TyeDee Bin Club size The Tyedee Bin little bear mobile Tydee Bin - taupe original The Tyedee Bin original

The TyeDee Bin line of steel, animal-resistant garbage bins is available by ordering directly from TyeDee Bin on their website ( or by calling 866-505-6460 ), or at your local    Home Hardware store. Designed to keep bears out of your garbage,TyeDee Bin is also very effective with smaller critters such as raccoons, coyotes, skunks, birds, or even your neighbour's pets. TyeDee Bin has been used all across Canada for residential and public use, including use in Nunavut and Alaska to keep polar bears out.  TyeDee Bin has been tested with black, grizzly, and polar bears.  Video of these tests can be seen on our website, or by searching "TyeDee Bin" on YouTube.  TyeDee Bin can be direct shipped to customers in the USA as well.  All TyeDee Bins are now built in an innovative, ready-to-assemble design, TyeDee Bin’s all-steel construction is powder-coat painted for great looks and exceptional durability.

While TyeDee Bin is well-suited for curbside pickup, they are also excellent as a place to keep garbage and/or recycling until garbage day. For those who live in rural areas without garbage pickup, TyeDee Bin is the place to keep your garbage. When you live in the city without a garage or shed, TyeDee Bin will keep your property “TyeDee and Safe".


Rollins Machinery Ltd., Langley BC

A (local) BC owned and operated company, Rollins Machinery is the largest supplier of bear-resistant containers in the Province and is committed to the development of practical solutions for home-owners, businesses, and municipalities.

Rollins Bear Cart Rollins Hid-A-Bag Rollins Hyd-A-Way

RESIDENTIAL Bear-Resistant Carts – Rollins Bear Cart: An easy-to-use and affordable solution for homeowners of all ages.

  • Properly tested and certified.
  • Safely secures garbage, food, and scents that attract bears and other wildlife.
  • Can be used with manual, semi-automated, and fully-automated collection systems.
  • No minimum order quantity.

COMMERCIAL Bear-Resistant Systems HAUL ALL Containers: Canada's largest manufacturer of bear-resistant enclosures.

  • IGBC tested and approved for use on public lands.
  • Funtional – Flexible – Aesthetic. Haul-All has designed the most reliable bear-proof containers on the market.
  • The popular Hid-A-Bag is used in over 250 national, state, provincial and municipal parks across North America, where bear issues are present.
  • The Hyd-A-Way is an aesthetic, user-friendly container that is ideal for the storage and collection of waste and recyclables. Comes in 4- and 6- cubic yard sizes.


UnBearable Bins

UnBearable BinsUnBearable Bins is owned and operated by staff working directly in the field of bear management in Canada and the U.S. for over 25 years.

  • Safely secures garbage, livestock and pet food from bears and other wildlife
  • Designed for residential homes, farms and acreages
  • Perfect for homeowners withtout the storage capabalility for safely securing feed and garbage.
  • A cost-effective solution for communities looking to bear-proof their waste-management programs
  • Easily rolled to different locations or curbside for pick-up
  • Compatible with automated pick-up systems (lid must be unlocked)

Available in two sizes:
64 Gallon (242 litres)
95 Gallon (360 litres)

Tested on grizzly bears by Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks

Critter Guard Lock Systems

Critter Guard lock systems

"Keeping garbage in and Wildlife out"

Critter Guard Lock Systems Inc. Is a bear-resistant, retrofit lock system, which is added on to your existing roll-out totes. The lock system is Canadian-manufactured. The steel product is powder-coat painted.

We specialize in large-order projects for municipalities with a time-tested, low-maintenance, easy-to-use, proven product. We specialize in retrofitting lock systems on existing totes, with a fully-developed installation program that we have developed in Port Coquitlam, BC with thousands of Garbage and Compost Totes already done.

Critter Guard Lock Systems

Critter Guard Lock Systems, has the experience, knowledge and capability to retrofit most brands of totes with a value-added, bear-resistant lock system, with service and warranty considerations.

 Successfully tested by the Living With Wildlife Foundation grizzly bears in Montana.